Poet Tips is Shutting Down

Thank you for your interest in the grand experiment that was Poet Tips.

We collected over 75,000 recommendations for more than 6,500 poets since we began in 2016. Unfortunately, with such large amounts of data comes greater requirements–for server capacity, and time and energy spent optimising the site experience.

We just haven’t been able to keep up. And so, rather than let the site become slower and slower, we have decided to enter the first phase of shutting it down.

During this phase, all current links to poets will redirect to the website URLs we have collected for them (or to a Google search if one was not found). We will also continue to tweet out recommendations. However, we will not be accepting new recommendations or poets.

Most importantly, the entire data set of poets and recommendations will remain available to download for research purposes, hosted on the Internet Archive in the open, standard GraphML format.

In 2020, we will stop tweeting and close down the site entirely.