Anna having coffee

Meet Anna

She's studying for an MFA in poetry. She loves poetry—both reading it and writing it.

One of her favourite things to do is to have coffee with friends and swap recommendations of poets to read. Based on who her friends already like, she can sometimes suggest a great new poet.

One day, she discovers the Poet Tips website. She searches for poets she likes, votes on existing recommendations, and adds new suggestions to the list.

Search for poets
Vote on recommendations
Vote on recommendations
Anna on her laptop
Anna feeling good

Anna has made the poetry world a little bit easier to navigate.

She encourages her friends to check it out, and share their tips, because she knows that the more people use the site, the better it gets.

She might even find a new favourite poet herself.

Meet Sam

He used to read lots of poetry as a teenager.

However, he's had a hard time finding new poets that speak to him like those early favourites used to.

There are just so many poets and books out there, and as much as he used to like poetry, he hasn't had much success finding poems he really likes anymore.

Sam looks for poets

One day, Sam finds Poet Tips.

He reads poems by recommended poets, finds books in his local library, and shares his discoveries online.

For Anna, Poet Tips is like Wikipedia* for poetry, allowing her to contribute her knowledge to the greater good.

Sam looks for poets

For Sam, Poet Tips is like Pandora* or Spotify* for poetry, letting him make new discoveries based on his taste.

Sam looks for poets

What can Poet Tips be for you? Try it and see...


Who do you like?

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