About The Graph


Downloading the Graph

The Poet Tips Graph is an open data1 initiative to make the complete network graph of “tips” about which poets are similar to each other available for public consumption, analysis, and use.

You can view it in GraphML2 format here or download it here for use in applications such as Gephi.

Other Ways to View and Access the Data

A linked, web-friendly view of the graph from an individual poet perspective (two levels deep) is available by clicking the “tree graph” () button from any poet page.

All recommendation pages are embedded with JSON-LD3 meta-data to facilitate automated traversal and cataloguing. The JSONP API is also currently open for public use.

Embedding Data on Your Own Website

The ability to detect a poet name and display graph-powered recommendations via the JSONP API has also been packaged into a WordPress Plugin.

Graph Gallery

Dead Women Poets
The Emily Dickinson Octopus