Who is this website for?

Anyone who likes poetry, or used to, or thinks they don’t but wants to try it again. This is about real people leaving “tips” to help other real people find new poets to read.

What do the arrows (▲ / ▼) mean?

They do not mean “I like / dislike this poet.” They just mean “I agree with / disagree with this particular ‘tip’ or recommendation.”

I’m no expert. Should I still leave tips?

Absolutely. This isn’t about being an expert. It’s about being passionate, and having an opinion. If a friend confessed their love of a certain poet, and asked for recommendations of similar poets to read, you might have some ideas. In that same spirit, you can leave “tips” on this website for others to find.

Can I add myself?

Sure. If you’re a poet, you may know more about your own influences and circles than anyone. Just keep it in the spirit of a genuine recommendation–for example, who would you recommend to friends and fans who like your work?

Is it OK to add the names of musicians and rappers?

Many people regard the lyrics of musicians and rappers as a form of poetry, and some of these artists have also published their work in print. So, for now, it is fine to add the names of musicians and rappers as long as they are added in the spirit of a genuine recommendation. Note, however, that the main intent of this site is to help people find poetry, not music, so we may need to reconsider this policy at some point if this becomes a distraction. Note also that it is not acceptable to add the names of groups–such as a spoken word ensemble or a band–only individuals.

Is it OK to add the names of other types of artists?

No. Just poets, please.

What about spam? Mistakes? Joke tips?

That’s bound to happen. The idea is to pool enough tips over time so that a little bit of “noise” isn’t too much of a distraction. And, if you see something that doesn’t make sense, feel free to vote it down or use the flag button () to report it to a moderator.

What happens when a Poet or Tip gets flagged ()?

The entry is immediately removed pending moderation. If the flagged content is outside our Acceptable Use Policy, it will be permanently removed. If not, it will be restored.

How often can I vote?

For now, we suggest one vote per “tip”. This keeps it fair and democratic, and in the spirit of pooling lots of opinions together (rather than the same opinion over and over) to start to surface useful tips for readers. Also, if you are attempting to make more than one vote per second, you may get a warning to slow down.

Is Poet Tips available in other languages?

Not yet.

It says I have been blocked. What should I do?

The system uses an automated set of rules to try to prevent spam and abuse. If you feel you have been blocked due to a technical error, please get in touch. We will need to know your public IP address in order to review your activity on the site and make a decision.

Who is behind all this?

We are a team of poetry enthusiasts excited about using technology to help people read more poetry they love.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to get in touch.


Who do you like?

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